BF 90

Bigger & Better

Picture this, it’s a warm Summer evening and you’re entertaining family and friends with an open grill dinner of sizzling chorizo, perfectly seared seafood, and a fragrant paella‚ÄĒall prepared right in your backyard.


With the BF 90 in your backyard, you can bring the vibrant flavors of Spain to your Australian outdoor gatherings. It’s not just a grill fireplace; it’s your ticket to an authentic Spanish culinary experience.


Built with high-quality strong welded steel and using vermiculite base, back and side bricks, the BF 90 Outdoor Grill Fireplace BBQ offers exceptional durability and heat distribution.

Immerse yourself in a Spanish escape within your own outdoor oasis, where the vibrant flavors and enchanting ambiance of Spain come alive. These memorable outdoor moments will transport you to a world of culinary delight and relaxation, right in the heart of your backyard.


Ensuring your BBQ experience is top notch, the BF 60 is complete with convenient inclusions such as a BBQ grill smoke shield, Paella Pan support, Stainless Steel Argentinian Grill with grease collection, Heat resistant gloves and touch up paint can.

  • Outdoor Wood Fired BBQ
  • Stainless Steel Argentinian Grill
  • BBQ Smoke Shield
  • Wooden Grill Handles
  • material

    High Quality Welded Steel

  • Weight


  • Bricks

    Vermiculite base, Back and side bricks

  • minimum flue height

    4.6 metres (Measured from the hearth to the cowl)

  • Finish

    Black High Temperature Paint 

  • Inclusions

    Stainless Argentinian Style Grill With Grease Collector (Adjustable To 4 Different Heights), Paella Pan Support (85cm Diameter), Heat Resistant Gloves, Wooden Grill Handles & Additional Paint Can


*Note there is an acceptable allowance of 1-5mm variance on any part of the unit.


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