BF 70

The Elegant Entertainer

Introducing the BF 70, an exceptional Outdoor Grill Fireplace meticulously crafted in Spain by dedicated artisans. 


This Outdoor Grill Fireplace is a fusion of elegance and practicality, constructed from high-quality welded steel to ensure both durability and timeless design.


Whether you’re hosting a barbecue feast or seeking a cozy evening by the fire, the BF 70 effortlessly adapts to your needs, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

Ready to level up your outdoor entertainment game? The BF 70 is the perfect blend of BBQ and fireplace, offering unmatched and grilling experience. Featuring premium inclusions such as wooden cool touch handles and a paella pan support; bringing the rich flavours of Spain to your backyard.


The vermiculite bricks ensure even heat distribution, while the Argentinian stainless steel grill, adjustable to four heights, gives you the versatility to explore various cooking techniques. Let the BF 70 be the centerpiece of your outdoor space, where quality, functionality, and style converge to create memorable moments and culinary excellence

  • Outdoor Wood Fired BBQ
  • Stainless Steel Argentinian Grill
  • BBQ Smoke Shield
  • Wooden Grill Handles
  • material

    High Quality Welded Steel

  • Weight


  • Bricks

    Vermiculite base and side bricks

  • minimum flue height

    4.6 metres (Measured from the hearth to the cowl)

  • Finish

    Black High Temperature Paint

  • Inclusions

    Stainless Argentinian Style Grill with grease collector (adjustable To 4 different heights), Paella Pan Support (65cm diameter), Heat Resistant Gloves, Wooden Grill Handles & Additional Paint Can


*Note there is an acceptable allowance of 1-5mm variance on any part of the unit.


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