Warranty Claim Form

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    Fault Details:


    Have you ruled out any possible installation error?

    Have you ruled out any possible user error?

    Has the unit been serviced in the past 12 months?

    Has the unit been modified in any respect?

    If the unit has been modified without the approval of the supplier your warranty claim will be void If yes Describe Modifications


    inclusion & exclusions



    BBQ firebox

    5 year repair replacement only on firebox

    fireplace firebox

    5 year repair replacement only on firebox

    ash pan, door handles, fire grates

    1 year replacement

    paella suport & grills

    1 month replacement

    *Effective from date of purchase


    • Proof Of Purchase
    • Serial Number
    • Photos Of Fault
    • Compliance Certificate
    • Installation Details (Date & Installer)


    • Consumable Components (Glass, Firebricks, Thermometer, Ropes, Gaskets, Door Seal, Moveable Parts, Ash Pan etc.)
    • Cost of Removal / Installation of defective appliance
    • Incorrect use (ie- Overfiring, Improper Materials)
    • Incorrect Installation (ie- Non-Compliant application, non-professional) – as per instructions, industry standard Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2918:2018, AS/ NZS 4012/4013(2014) and all applicable local installation regulations
    • Rust / Corrosion damage caused by environmental factors
    • Faults due to improper / irregular maintenance
    • Modifications made to any part of appliance which is not provided by manufacturer (Fm Calefaccion) or supplier (Artis Fireplaces Pty Ltd)
    • Indirect damages (ie- handling accident)
    • Resold units