about us

Crafted With Passion

Artis is an Australian-owned family company, with a passion for bringing the rich culinary traditions and flavours of Spain into Australian backyards.


We’re not just about grilling; we’re about turning your outdoor space into a cozy, sizzling, and inviting hub for good times with friends and family!

Culinary Adventure

Our range are designed to inspire creativity in the world of outdoor cooking, allowing you to create memorable dishes and savour new tastes and cultures right in your own backyard

Home Sweet Home

It's not just a BBQ; it's a catalyst for unforgettable moments and a stylish testament to your commitment to quality living. Elevating your home's ambiance and making it a welcoming oasis for all

Firebrick Lined

Cook like a pro with our firebrick-lined outdoor fireplace BBQs. The interior is expertly designed to maximise heat efficiency, ensuring that your culinary creations are consistently delicious. Say goodbye to uneven cooking and hello to the joys of precision grilling

Airflow Control

Unlock the secret to perfect outdoor cooking with our airflow control system, an integral part of our outdoor fireplace BBQs. This technology empowers you to precisely manage the temperature, giving you the confidence to create culinary wonders with ease


Transform your outdoor cooking sessions into extraordinary culinary adventures with our extensive collection of accessories and additional inclusions. We've carefully curated a selection of top-quality add-ons designed to enhance your BBQ experience, ensuring that every meal you prepare is a true masterpiece

Dual Fuel

Designed to offer the best of both worlds with both wood and charcoal cooking options, for whether you crave the classic smoky flavour of wood-fired cooking, or the precision of charcoal; our products give you the freedom to cook your way

Double Combustion

Equipped with cutting-edge double combustion technology, this innovative feature not only maximises heat output but also minimises emissions; making your cooking experience both environmentally friendly and deliciously satisfying


Blending seamlessly with your outdoor space, elevating its aesthetic appeal, and becoming a focal point for both culinary and visual delight; each product is a stylish addition to any home


Designed with eco-friendly materials and innovative features which minimise emissions carbon footprint; ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor cooking while being kind to the planet


Perfect for beginners and grill masters alike, each product adapts effortlessly to various cooking styles and culinary preferences, creating the perfect companion for any outdoor culinary adventure